About Us

Everyrun is a C2C platform that helps connect runners and race organisers who want to run together and get fit in unique and creative places by making it super easy to host, monetise and join running events. Everyrun events are social running events that reward participation instead of competition.

For people who want to run, Everyrun is a platform that helps them find races and running events, keep track of their progress and connect with other runners locally and worldwide. Unlike Parkrun, Everyrun has free and paid events available throughout the week.

For race organisers who want to host running events, Everyrun is a platform that helps them list their events, sell tickets, record race results and promote their events to thousands of runners registered on the platform. Unlike Parkrun, Everyrun lets you organise and monetise events without restrictions.

Basic company information

Everyrun OÜ is a limited company registered in Estonia with a head office in Kyiv and its primary target market in Ukraine (until February 24 2022). Currently, the team members are located in different European countries, including the UK, and the primary market is the United Kingdom.

Ownership and management team

Everyrun was founded in 2021 by Alona Lashchenko - a Ukrainian that is a passionate runner and race organiser with a solid background in marketing and B2B sales, and Ian Bearder - a successful British entrepreneur and founder of Veedoo, Cappture and Runday.

Company history

Before launching the startup, the founders were working together on Runday - they built a community of 7000+ runners and 30+ race organisers in Ukraine.

On February 24, the work on Everyrun startup was paused for two months when the founders together launched Ukraine Shelter (uktaineshelter.com) and helped 4000+ Ukrainians to find temporary accommodations abroad. Now Ukraine Shelter is an independent sustainable charity.

Mission and vision

Everyrun’s mission is to create a world where everyone can connect, run and get fit together anywhere in the world. To achieve this, we have developed an end-to-end platform that will handle every part of that experience.

Enshrined in this vision are the following goals:

  • Access to running and physical activity for everyone, regardless of their location or physical ability
  • A healthier and happier, and more connected population
  • Empowered runners, organisers and entrepreneurs - using technology to connect, get fit and improve their communities.

Future goals

Now we are recruiting race organisers in the UK to repeat the success we had in Ukraine and expand our network of events and runners in Europe and eventually around the world.