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Run for Ukraine

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Oxford, UK


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Join us on Sunday for a fantastic fun run! We will meet on the lovely green field to chat, hug, and of course, run in support of Ukraine. 


The event is perfect for everyone keen to get out and show that they stand with Ukraine. 


Organised by a team of Ukrainians, that moved to Oxford because of the war, the event will be a lot of fun for both runners and those who come along to support them. 


Feel free to express your position in many ways - please bring flags, posters:) Blue and yellow outfits will be very welcomed as well! Our photographer will definitely catch you for great shots. 


The event is inclusive, so you can run, walk or jog the distance. You can also actively and funny support those who are running! 


To make sure you’re all ready for the course, and have no stiff legs on Monday there will be a group warm-up and warm-down (stretching) session with Nataliia Kurochka, a certified personal trained and founder of Blackroll Training in Ukraine. 


The area is well suited to have a picnic after the run, so feel free to bring some snacks. While tea, coffee and sweets will be available to buy at the location. 




Free (recommended donation is £10, collected during the event). Ukrainians run for free. 


Supported by:


Ukraine Shelter  - help for Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion. 

Urban Crew - a reputable urban initiative in Ukraine, which turned to be a profoundly solid volunteer group that has already delivered 9 cars to the defenders (5 bought and 4 presented because of transparent and brave activity).


What are we raising money for? 


As the war started, 7+ million Ukrainians fled the country. Many of them by bus and by car. Moreover, the cars are often under fire during evacuation or delivering humanitarian aid. So the vehicles are in demand among Ukrainian defenders. 


Ukraine Shelter and Urban Crew have already transferred 12 cars to Ukraine to help local defence forces do their job, and this race is being organised to help us raise money for one more car. The vehicle will be purchased in the UK and driven to Ukraine together with medical supplies and other donations. 


The average cost of the car is £5,000 (including the cost of insurance and fuel). Ukraine Shelter and Urban Crew will match the money raised during the event to buy the car. 


Event timeline 


15:00 - 15:20 - We meet at the Louie Memorial Field 

15:20 - 15:50 - Registration 

15:50 - Warm-up 

16:00 - Welcome and race instructions 

16:10 - Start 

16:40 - Warm down 

17:00 - Networking, picnic, photos

Organiser:Kateryna Kylyvnyk

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Louie Memorial Fields

The event will take place at Louie Memorial Field. It is a lovely green field with benches and a kids playground, so even if you are not planning to run, you can still join us as a volunteer or a spectator. 


There will be drinks and refreshments available at the pavilion and, of course, a great crowd of people! The area is isolated from the road, so you can relax in the sunshine while watching your kids play. 


Please keep your dogs on the leash until all the runners finish to avoid distractions for the runners.

Important information
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The team 


Kateryna Kylyvnyk - Ukrainian lawyer, translator and volunteer 

Alona Lashchenko - Ukrainian race organiser, Founder of Ukraine Shelter and Everyrun. 

Tamar Shirley - mother, events manager and potential runner. Miracles do happen!


Contact details


Kateryna Kylyvnyk 

+44 7742 512929 

Track Info

To complete the race, each runner will do three 1km laps around the perimeter of the Louie Memorial Fields and the adjoining sports ground. 


The route is flat and grassy, with two short tree-covered pathways joining the two fields. Marshals will guide runners around the course and help any runners if needed. 




Near the start line, there’s a pavilion where you can buy refreshments and snacks. 


Parking is available, however, we recommend cycling, walking or taking the bus if possible. 


There will be a place to leave your belongings while you are running, but please do not leave any valuables as the organisers will not be responsible for any losses. 


Toilets are available inside the pavilion.