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Ian Bearder

03/09/2022 | Use Cases
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Social prescribing, also sometimes known as community referral, describes the use of community activities such as sports, art classes, singing or anything else to help individuals become active and healthy citizens.

The policy is currently being championed by the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and, whilst social prescribing initiatives are often delivered by charities or NGO's, we believe Everyrun is an excellent solution for local Social Prescribing initiatives.

Everyrun events are built around two core principles - community and fitness - and regular participation in our events has numerous positive health effects. On top of this, Everyrun removes many of the barriers that exist for organisers who would like to organise local community runs.

Unlike Parkrun, Everyrun is not restrictive. We do not ask for £5,000 to launch a new event, and we do not fix the day, time and distance of runs, and therefore we open social running to more people. For example those who can't join parkrun because it is on a Saturday morning, or because they find 5km too challenging.

We envisage Everyrun being used for a variety of different types of events, from assault courses, to farm runs - or runs around local beauty spots etc.

Everyrun can be free, or charge users to participate and whilst this might sound counter productive, by giving the opportunity for organisers to charge for participation we make small community events (those without sponsors) more sustainable. Because organisers can sell tickets, they can be compensated for their time, they can invest in equipment and promotional materials, and they can pay for the upkeep of the park and/or land where they run etc.

Everyone empowers everyone, and local initiatives can start quickly and easily, even if there is no local authority or charity to set things up. Features Everyrun is designed to be fun and easy to use. Like parkrun, users can attend any event using the same QR code (ID) and their results and stats are all stored online and can be easily shared.

For Organisers

  • A shareable event page
  • Runner registration
  • Publish and share race results Free or paid events No time or distance restrictions
  • Help with insurance (if needed) Free resources to help organise great events

For Runners

  • An award system that promotes and celebrates participation over speed All results in one place
  • One profile for all events (no need to sign-up to different platforms)
  • A variety of events and distances Community focused

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